Anne M. Ploin  

I am an early-career researcher and writer, currently working on creative human/AI collaborations at the Oxford Internet Institute


I have a MSt in Women’s Studies from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics. 


My projects often revolve around the intersection of epistemology and ethics, and I am currently interested in applying mixed methods to large-scale phenomena – e.g. the deployment of AI technology, work in the 21st century, and global priorities research. I have previously worked with qualitative methods and texts, especially as pertains to questions of voice, gender, and marginality. 


Favourite projects to date include an institutional history of the Women’s Library between 1926 and 2015, a comparative account of different theories of material semiotics, and a master's thesis on epistemic justice in Anne Carson's translation of the Antigone.

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